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Xylitol is truly nature’s sweet deliverance from sugar. It was discovered in 1891 by German chemist Emil Fischer and has been used widely in European and Scandinavian countries as a sweetener since the 1950s. Xylitol is traditionally derived from the cellulose of the tree birch (this is the form we use at our bakery). It can also be derived from corncobs. Xylitol can be found in many fruits and vegetables, and in fact, is produced by the human body itself during normal metabolism (5-15 grams/day). It looks, tastes and bakes just like sugar, but with fewer calories and carbohydrates.  Xylitol’s amazing health benefits keep adding up. If you google the word on the internet you will truly be impressed. Its health benefits are:

  • Fights plaque and prevents cavities - by neutralizing plaque acids and inhibiting the bacteria that cause cavities. The complete opposite of sugar!
  • Remineralizes tooth enamel by increasing saliva flow
  • Fights and prevents ear infections by inhibiting the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria
  • Has a glycemic index of 7 – safe for diabetics
  • Will not raise insulin levels as it metabolizes independently of insulin!
  • Low calorie - 2.4 Kcal/gram versus 4 Kcal/gram for sugar and is as sweet as sugar
  • Xylitol is antimicrobial
  • Effective in inhibiting Candida Albicans, a serious yeast infection problem
  • Xylitol also increases the absorption of B vitamins and calcium – helping those with osteoporosis
  • Xylitol was approved by the FDA in 1963, and has no toxicity levels. It must be noted, however, that large quantities (50g+)/day can make sensitive individuals experience mild gastrointestinal distress.  You will be happy to know that because we blend our sweeteners, you will not be exposed to this problem. When you are using xylitol on your own, please do so in moderation



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